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The Investing in Growth Stocks manual is the starting point for investors to learn about earning better returns. The manual provides instruction to assist self-reliant investors in learning a set of proven investing principles that can guide your investment decisions under all manner of market conditions.

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Company "Fundamentals"
An analysis and understanding of a company's key fundamentals provides the knowledge that can help guide investors to construct their growth portfolios with only the highest-quality stocks. Investors can learn to easily recognize those special stocks by observing the strength (weakness) of their set of seven growth, financial and operating fundamentals.

Better Buying & Selling Decisions
A significant portion of the manual provides investors with specific examples of companies with strong and weak fundamentals. Awareness of the wide variation in company fundamentals - within a business sector and across the entire stock market - is important knowledge because it can help investors make better buying and selling decisions for a growth portfolio.

Examples used throughout the manual draw heavily on the visual profiles of a company's fundamentals. These visuals provide investors with benchmarks for judging the strength or weakness of the fundamentals of companies that come to their attention via the media, newsletters, friends, family, brokers and others.

Presenting a company's fundamentals as easy-to-understand historical and projected trends is accomplished with the Stock Study Guide software and its database of more than 6,000 Canadian and U.S. companies. As well, the software assists investors in estimating a stock's specific buy and sell zones.

Building and Managing a Portfolio of Stocks
The manual also transfers the knowledge to investors that it takes a well-diversified portfolio to earn a more reliable rate of return in the stock market during the next three to five years. The instruction shows investors how to build an affordable growth portfolio with prudent diversification by business sector, company size and two other equally important considerations.

Investors are introduced to building a well-diversified portfolio with a combination of stocks and exchange-traded funds with competitive management and expense ratios. Examples of well-diversified portfolios for beginning, intermediate and senior investors conclude the manual.

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