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User Agreement
The following agreement ("User Agreement") applies to your use of the website of the ShareOwner Group of Companies ("ShareOwner"). By accessing this web site, you agree to the terms of this User Agreement set out below. If you do not agree with the terms of this User Agreement, do not access the web site or any pages thereof.

Available Only Where Permitted by Law
Canadian ShareOwner Investments Inc., hereafter known as "ShareOwner Investments", only opens accounts in jurisdictions where it is registered (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Yukon)

No Advice
By accessing this web site, you acknowledge that ShareOwner has not and will not provide you with any legal, tax or accounting advice, investment advice or recommendations regarding the suitability or profitability of any security, transaction or investment. You further acknowledge that ShareOwner’s employees are not authorized to give any such advice and agree that you will not solicit or rely upon any such advice from ShareOwner or any of its employees. You assume full responsibility for your investment decisions and all transactions in your account and agree that ShareOwner and its officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates will have no liability for any such investment decisions or transactions. You acknowledge that ShareOwner will not consider your financial situation, investment knowledge, investment objectives or risk tolerance when accepting orders.

The financial market data, including quotes, charts and news (collectively "Information") are provided by various information suppliers ("Providers") that are independent of ShareOwner. Though the Information is believed to be reliable, ShareOwner does not warrant the timeliness, sequence, accuracy or completeness of this Information. IN NO EVENT WILL ShareOwner BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST REVENUES, LOST PROFITS OR LOSS OF PROSPECTIVE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE INFORMATION OR FOR OMISSIONS OR INACCURACIES IN THE INFORMATION) EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANOTHER PARTY.

All materials published or otherwise accessible through this website, including, but not limited to, news articles, text, photographs, images, illustrations, audio clips, video clips, software and other materials (the "Content") are protected by copyright, and are owned or controlled by either ShareOwner or the party credited as the provider of the Content. In addition, this website is protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation, pursuant to Canadian copyright laws, international conventions and other copyright laws. Unless otherwise specified, any reproduction, modification, redistribution, publication, transmission, transfer, sale, distribution, performance, display or exploitation of this website, whether in whole or in part, constitutes a violation of federal or common law and is prohibited.

User Information 
If you have given permission to make your email address available to third-party organizations, we may from time to time market to you, directly or indirectly or through our related companies, additional products and services. In connection with the offering of these products and services, you authorize us to disclose any information in your profile to our agents, dealers or related companies.

Applicable Agreements
All products and services of ShareOwner are subject to the terms of the applicable agreements.

Internet Email Usage
Please keep in mind that messages you send to us by email are not encrypted and may be viewed by others during transmission. Do not send us any personal information (example: account numbers and/or card numbers) by Internet email.

ShareOwner will not be responsible for any damages you may incur if you communicate confidential information to us over the Internet, or if we communicate such information to you, at your request.

Protecting Your Confidentiality
In any business, privacy of personal information is desirable; in financial services, it is essential. At ShareOwner, we value your privacy on the Internet and want you to know that when you sign into your ShareOwner account your financial transactions are protected by 128-bit encryption.

Encryption is a means of scrambling information for transmission, in this case, between your PC and ShareOwner's computing systems. Information that is encrypted at one end is decrypted (decoded) upon receipt at the other end.

128-bit encryption is the strongest, most secure form of encryption that is generally available in Internet browsers on the market in North America today. ShareOwner require that our clients use 128-bit encryption when conducting financial transactions over the Internet.

Hyperlinks are Not Endorsements
Websites accessed via hypertext link or other means from this website have, unless otherwise indicated, been independently developed by third parties and we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in such sites. Links to other web sites or references to products, services or publications other than those of ShareOwner at this web site do not imply the endorsement or approval of such web sites, products, services or publications by ShareOwner.

Accuracy and Changes
Facts and information provided by ShareOwner are believed to be accurate when placed on the web site. Changes may be made at any time to the information at this web site without prior notice. Please consult ShareOwner for complete and up-to-date information on products and services.

Calculations or projections are provided for general illustrative purposes only and are not warranted to be accurate or complete.

Software Backup
While every effort is made to ensure that all software provided at this web site, or as a link from this web site, is suitable for use on a wide variety of computer systems, you should take reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses, and ensure compatibility of the software with your specific computer system. You should also ensure that you have a complete and current backup of the information contained on your computer system prior to installing such software.

Trademarks Belonging to ShareOwner or Other Entities
Certain names, graphics, logos, icons, designs, words, titles or phrases at this web site may constitute trade names or trademarks of ShareOwner or other entities. Trademarks may be registered in Canada and in other countries as applicable. The display of trademarks on pages at this web site does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted. Any unauthorized downloading, re-transmission or other copying or modification of trademarks and/or the contents herein may be a violation of federal or common law, trademark and/or copyright laws and could subject the copier to legal action.

ShareOwner either owns the intellectual property rights in the underlying HTML, text, images, audio clips, video clips, software and other content that is made available to you on our web site, or has obtained the permission of the owner of the intellectual property in such content to use the content on our web site.

ShareOwner grants to you its limited permission to display on your computer and print the underlying HTML, text, images, audio clips, video clips, software and other content that is made available to you on our web site, for non-commercial, personal, or educational purposes only, provided that:

  you do not modify any such content, and
  you include with and display on each copy of such content the associated copyright notice and this intellectual property notice.
No other use is permitted. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may not:
  make any commercial use of such content;
  include such content in or with any product that you create or distribute; or
  copy such content onto your or any other person’s web page.

Notwithstanding the above, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any right or licence under any copyright of ShareOwner or any other person who owns the copyright in content provided on our web site.

Information Sources
Information, including news and information supplied by third parties has been obtained from various information suppliers through sources believed to be reliable. ShareOwner does not warrant the timeliness, sequence, accuracy or completeness of any market data or other Information provided through the use of Services. The Customer acknowledges that the Information may include views, opinions, and recommendations of individuals or organizations that may be of interest to investors generally, but that ShareOwner and its Information suppliers do not endorse such views or opinions, or give investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, or recommend the purchase or sale of any Security.

Proprietary Rights
The Customer acknowledges that all Information conveyed through the Services is proprietary to ShareOwner or to the appropriate information supplier and is protected by copyright law and other applicable intellectual property laws. The Customer may store the Information in the memory of the Access Device. The Information may also be printed and displayed for the Customer’s personal and non-commercial use. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate or otherwise commercially exploit the Information without the express written consent of ShareOwner and the appropriate Information supplier.

Required Disclosure
Where ShareOwner buys or sells securities for your account, the required disclosure will be contained in the confirmation of trade and monthly statement, which ShareOwner prepares and sends to you electronically.

It is the policy of ShareOwner to comply fully with all applicable securities laws and to make all required disclosure in acting as a dealer.

General Provisions

The Customer agrees and acknowledges that ShareOwner may modify or discontinue the Services or any part of them at any time. The Customer also acknowledges that the Services may be periodically unavailable to allow for systems maintenance and updates.

This Agreement shall be binding upon the respective successors and assigns of the parties hereto. The Customer agrees that the rights or obligations described in this Agreement may not be assigned without the express written consent of ShareOwner

This Agreement is in addition to and not in substitution for any other agreements between the Customer and ShareOwner, including any agreement relating to the Customer’s Account or the Services. This Agreement shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and other agreements between the Customer and ShareOwner in connection with the Services.

The conditions, rules and regulations set forth in any manuals, materials, documents or instructions relating to this Agreement sent to the Customer form part of this Agreement. If any provision or condition of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision or condition. The validity of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected and this Agreement shall be carried out as if such invalid or unenforceable provision were not contained herein.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.

Questions or Concerns
If you have a question or problem about any service or fee, we would be pleased to hear from you, you can contact our Customer Care office.

If you still cannot resolve a specific problem, you can write to:

Chief Compliance Officer
Canadian ShareOwner Investments Inc.
862 Richmond Street West, Suite 201
Toronto ON M6J 1C9

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