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  Sophisticated Portfolio Investing Made Easy
An automated portfolio management
solution designed for every investor.
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Automated Investing


Automated Investing

Despite charging higher fees, most active fund managers rarely beat the index, particularly over the long term. Historical data shows that about 90% of actively managed Canadian and US equity mutual funds in Canada failed to outperform their respective benchmark indices over a 5 year period1. Learn More 


Invest Smarter Save Time & Effort Build Wealth
Stop trying to time the market or pick the latest fad mutual fund. Achieve better long-term returns with a well diversified portfolio, using best-in-class ETFs.
We make it simple and easy - everything is highly automated, including deposits, trades, dividend reinvestment & portfolio rebalancing.
Invest in a diversified portfolio of stock and bond ETFs designed & optimized for improved returns & reduced risk.
Manage all of your investment goals in one place
Save Money
With one simple all inclusive rate, our Model Portfolio Service is cost effective for small and large portfolios.

With no per trade fees, no account fees and no advisory fees, you can save more than 1% in fees compared to other portfolio management solutions.

Our lower fees translate directly into higher returns for your portfolio.
Source: ShareOwner's calculations using a $50,000 portfolio.

Mutual Fund DIY - assumes average MER of 2.15% based on typical Canadian balanced mutual fund (Morningstar Global Fund Investor Experience 2013 Report)

Typical Advised ETF Portfolio - assumes a portfolio of 8 ETFs with 4 rebalances per year, trading costs of $9.95 per trade (typical online broker commission), 0.41% average ETF expenses (weighted average MER for all ETFs in Canada) and 1% annual average advisory fee.

ShareOwner - costs include annual fee of .50% plus current average Model Portfolio ETF expenses of .29%.

Online Broker DIY - assumes a portfolio of 8 ETFs with monthly trades (to rebalance, invest new deposits or reinvest dividends), trading costs of $9.95 per trade and average ETF expenses of .41%.

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