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Protecting your privacy and personal information is a top priority for us at ShareOwner. We use a variety of modern technologies and techniques that provide multiple layers of protection against network or physical intrusion and compromise. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring our network and premises for unauthorized access. We take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously.

What Should You Do?

You can help protect yourself by following some simple guidelines.

When using ShareOwner, we encourage you to consider these guidelines for Safe and Secure Investing:
1. Protect your password
  Don't share your password with anyone. ShareOwner will never ask you for your password in email or over the phone.
  Don't use the same password on ShareOwner that you use on other sites.
  Don't share confidential information such as Social Insurance Number or your mother's maiden name with others.
  Change your password regularly.

2. Use email wisely
  Don't open attachments that you are not expecting; these may contain viruses.
  Don't click on links in email that you are not expecting.
  If the source of an email is doubtful, access ShareOwner by opening a new browser and type into the address bar rather than clicking on a link.

3. Protect your computer
  Use the current version of your web browser.
  Use the current version of your operating system.
  Keep your computer up to date with security patches.
  Use virus protection software.

4. Report problems immediately.

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