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The Stock Study Guide software helps investors apply the ShareOwner methodology learned from the Investing in Growth Stocks manual. It helps investors quickly identify high quality company's that may make for suitable long term holdings. Further it helps them identify whether or not they are attractively priced to deliver superior long-term returns.

The Stock Study Guide software compiles ten years worth of historical data about a company's key growth, financial and operating fundamentals and displays it in a set of easy-to-understand graphs. Using this data, investors are able to quickly recognize high-quality company's with excellent prospects for delivering a growing stream of earnings and dividends in the future.

In addition, the software shows a company's historical and current price-earnings ratio. This can help investors make a judgment about its future price earnings ratio and judge whether a stock is undervalued, overvalued or fairly priced in relation to its expected future earnings.

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A Strong Candidate for a Growth Portfolio
The accompanying set of three strong growth fundamentals was achieved by one of the world's largest manufacturers of orthopedic products (e.g. artificial hips, knees, shoulders and spines).

The chart shows you that the company has a long history of growing its sales and profits at high rates (i.e. steep trends) and growth in the stock's annual price range has kept pace. Growth fundamentals like these can make the company a strong candidate for a growth portfolio.

A Company with Weak Growth Fundamentals
The accompanying set of growth fundamentals was experienced by one of the world's largest manufacturers of photographic equipment and supplies. Note that sales generally trended down for 10 years; profits per share declined steadily; and, the stock's annual price range followed profits down.

Responding to Weak Growth Fundamentals
Upon seeing this enduring deterioration in a company's growth fundamentals, busy "growth investors" may forego further study of the company's financial and operating fundamentals and look for a more promising portfolio candidate. However, "value investors" may see the company as a "turnaround situation" and continue their investigation of the company's other fundamentals and additional information.

When to Sell
Our educational resources provide investors access to the instruction and software that helps them quickly recognize a company with a stock that has become significantly overpriced. In particular, the course helps owners of a successful investment avoid selling it too early, or too late

The Study Guide's Financial Database
The Stock Study Guide software provides fundamental financial and pricing data on more than 6,000 Canadian and U.S. companies. The files reflect standardized reporting and ShareOwner's proprietary calculations of each company's key fundamentals.

Data files are updated daily and available electronically.

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