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The accompanying chart shows the index of ShareOwner's Top Stock Research selections since 1987, outperforming both the Toronto Stock Exchange's Composite Index and the equivalent U.S. index; namely, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

This selection of some 60 Top Stocks is drawn only from those featured in ShareOwner's Top Stocks Research publication.

Each Top Stock is selected for the Index based upon the strength of its company's "growth, financial and operating fundamentals."
Why ShareOwner outperforms
ShareOwner's index has outperformed because its research team has added high-quality companies only at times when they are judged to be trading at a reasonable price. Such stocks typically offer a excellent ratio of return to risk.

Just as important, ShareOwner's index avoids stocks with weak fundamentals and those that are overpriced. These stocks typically have unfavorable reward to risk ratios.

Updates to the ShareOwner Index
At the time each issue of Top Stocks Research is published, ShareOwner automatically takes two stocks out of its index (those with the longest tenure, typically five years), and they are replaced with two stocks featured in the just-published issue.

Index Calculations
In order to directly compare indexes, ShareOwner calculates their values using the current aggregate price of the stocks in an index, initialized at a base value of 100 using the following formula.
The formula used by ShareOwner to calculate the value of an stock market index initialized at a base value of 100
Note that the ShareOwner Index reflects Canadian and U.S. stocks in the currency of their market. 

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